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The distinctive feature of the male Mallard ducks, are their bright green heads. Blue feathers can be found on parts of the wings.  Mallards live across North America, Europe and Asia.  Most domestic ducks in the US are descended from Mallards.


  • All Skeins refered to below are 437 yards Fingering Weight Super Wash Merino:

    Size 30-42 - $120

    • 1 AP Skeins & 3 Skeins of its Tonal Companion

    Size 44-52 - $150

    • 2 AP Skeins & 3 Skeins of its Tonal Companion

    Size 54-60 - $180

    • 2 AP Skeins & 4 Skeins of its Tonal Companion

    Size 62 - $210

    • 3 AP Skeins & 4 Skeins of its Tonal Companion
  • We are so happy you have chosen our high quality hand dyed superwash merino yarn.  Our colorways are designed to be unique and interesting, with our hand dyed speckled yarn adding dimension and character to your every project.   

    The superwash process provides for minimal shrinkage and allows for gentle cold water machine washing.  Every effort is made to create color fastness, however initial washing should be done separately.  Warm and hot water should be avoided as they break the dye's chemical bond, causing colors to bleed.  Garments should then be shaped and laid flat to dry.  

    We hope you enjoy your handmade projects for many years to come.

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