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 Who we are 

and who we were

My daughter Lauren & I at Vogue Knitting Live! 2016

Hey! Do you know Cozy Rabbit Farm? That's Us!  

Cozy Rabbit Farm was formed from one Angora rabbit in 2000. Annabella was originally purchased as a pet, but I soon realized that her beautiful wool could be spun into yarn! My husband bought me a spinning wheel and that became all I wanted to do.  One day, he asked me what in the world I was going to do with all that yarn I was spinning..... and a business was born! I've spent the last 16 years raising Angora rabbits and traveling the country on the yarn show circuit. Recently, due to health concerns, I gave up the farm part of the business. I now get my Angora wool from several of my friends' farms. 

Over the past year, I have transitioned the business to include hand-dyed Merino wool. I will always have Angora, as it is my first love, but have found a new passion for hand-dyeing. The future is bright and filled with colorful possibilities. I hope to meet you at a show one day if I haven't already! 


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